Nov 23, 2009

"Picking up low rise jeans is classy"

"Coming back to Paris now, all of my existential crisis return. And now I’m wondering if all our outfits really are out to get us. Just hear me out here… Take our low-rise jeans, for example. In theory, I love them.

But in practice, well, during the first five minutes I’m wearing them, when I leave my apartment, making my way down the street as a happy and accomplished woman, hair in the wind, I’m contented… Until I feel my jeans slipping down my leg a little with each step. The wind in my hair stops flat. No need to even look, I know exactly what’s going down: in two seconds, my belt is going to be at mid-ass, and the crotch of the jeans is going to be at mid-thigh. Low-rise jeans: they fall, they slip, they never stay in place.
And this is when the dance starts that’ll keep on keepin’ on for the rest of my day: THE DANCE OF PICKING MY JEANS BACK UP. You gotta grab ‘em by each side and wooooooh! give ‘em a nice yank to get them back up nice and high, bend and straighten each leg in a stupifyingly graceful way, and then a nice little shimmy-shake to get the butt-cheeks back in their original position.


And don’t think you can ever pull this off with no one watching. There is ALWAYS someone watching. Even if it’s just yourself. That’s how I came across my reflection for the last time, in the middle giving my jeans a nice yank discreet-like-when-everyone-has-their-back-turned. And I had a moment of utter terror. Yanking up your low-rise jeans is no pretty thing.

And don’t even think it works, I already tried a belt, same thing happens. But a belt makes it even worse. It works like a weight pulling the jeans lower and lower. And what about higher-waisted jeans? Of course! I have dreams about high-waisted jeans I think they’re so beautiful. But no, I’ve tried to no avail, they just don’t work on me.

I’ve already gotten rid of all my tights that claim to stay up on their own (I mean c’mon, you spend the entire night trying to get them back up again), bustiers that don’t quite stay in place (oh yeah, so classy readjusting your breasts right in the middle of dinner.)(Do it discretely? What did I already tell you? There is ALWAYS someone watching.) thigh-high boots (with thigh-highs, it’s simple, either you spend your entire life pulling them back up, or you always have one that’s just a little higher than the other. And with tights, it’s even worse!!) and maybe it’s right there that I start wondering if these jeans are a road block on my road to happiness, that sense of accomplishment and my hair in the wind?

These jeans… Do I have to banish them from my wardrobe as well?" - Garance Doré (

Nov 12, 2009

Gorilla BBQ

A was watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Channel the other day and saw a segment on this place called Gorilla Barbeque. So I got up early (at least for me), and we headed 20 minutes out of the city towards the ocean. We ended up in this little town  by the sea called Pacifica, at a bright red trailer in the middle of a parking lot with a line of people weaving through the parked cars; the smell of bbq wafting around us. HAHA It was fab!

After a plate of huge ribs, beans and rice, mac n' cheese, a corn bread muffin and corn on the cob (no, I wasn't able to eat the whole thing at once..I had it for dinner too hahah), we headed to the beach for a little while.

The beach was a bit cold, but it was so pretty! I was kind of shocked by the big waves...I don't normally see waves like that in LA lol

Nov 3, 2009

Food for Thought

This is interesting Mlle. Doré: "*A photo of me that I like! It’s a miracle! I hate all photos of myself, and the worst of it is that I have this HORRIBLE theory about people who hate photos of themselves. It’s that they think they’re a lot more attractive than they really are. Voilà. So I have this incredible admiration for people who are comfortable with their image. Now leave me to my self-proclaiming sublimitude."

I don't know if I want to believe this...but it sounds a bit right LOL

Nov 2, 2009


I haven't written anything in so long because I seem to have this continual writer's block. It's now been a little more than 2 months, and time is starting to run out. I have to find another apartment in a month, and a job to pay for that apartment. I'm praying my internship will lead to a full-time position, but I don't really know what is going on with that. I do love my part-time job though, the people are great! I've never really worked in a restaurant where everyone was really fun to be with. But only a few shifts a week isn't cutting it...unfortunately. I need to find a second paying job. I love this city too much to give it up. Plus, going home is really not an option. I don't think I can function in LA. So, as it has been, and it shall continue to be, job hunting takes up most of my time. sigh.

I guess it's time to get to work...

Nov 1, 2009

Happy New Year...Soonish

Ok, so it's only Forever 21, but I LOVE it sooo much and can't wait to purchase my first sequin article of clothing!!! Eeek, sooo excited!