Mar 29, 2009

Day N' Night

One of my favorite places in the world isn't actually on land, but in the sky. It can be any kind of weather down beneath the clouds, but right when the plane breaks through the clouds, it's a beautiful clear sunny day! Absolutely perfect. This is why I prefer flying during the day. And not to mention the fact that sleeping on a plane is painful and uncomfortable, especially when the hot guy next to me decides he should take up all of my leg room and doze off on my shoulder for the entire 5 hour trip. Just because you are hot does NOT give you the right to invade my personal space!! Airplane seats really need to be bigger.

On a more positive note, JetBlue is great! Comfy(-er) seats, free drinks and snacks, good customer service and reasonable prices ($250 for two 1-way flights - one to NY and one from DC). Yey to cheap flights and the start of Spring Break!!

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