May 8, 2011

G'Day Mate

Well, hello blogosphere! I'm finally back from my year long life-got-complicated hiatus. Oh, how I've missed ... oh, hold on, there's a huge bug flying around my room -- and I lost it. Great.

Anyway, I've missed blogging. Being an aspiring writer (don't laugh!), blogging helped inspired me, and I lost that inspiration for some time. BUT I'm happy to say that I'm back!

Besides from getting a real grown-up job in social media marketing during my blogging hiatus, I took a little trip down to Australia. My home-base during the trip was in Melbourne, but I fell in love with Sydney during the few days I spent there. It. Was. Gorgeous. I think I'd like to live there one day soon.

Here are some pictures from my travels:

Sydney Opera House
Melbourne at sunset
Melbourne at night
Luna Park - Melbourne
Bondi Beach - Sydney
The Three Sisters - The Blue Mountains, Sydney

That's all for now -- see you soon!



  1. YAY you're back!

    I posted a new entry last month... and just realized it had also been about a year since I'd posted. sad deserted blog.

    also, skydiving appt??

  2. Yesss I am! Haha that was fast :) Still trying to get everything set up nicely on the blog this time around. We'll talk tomorrow about the skydiving!

  3. I want to revamp my blog. help me set mine up??

    and yes! about the skydiving!

  4. Sure - I can help you do it tomorrow if you want. Come online or call me :)