Feb 25, 2010

Traded for a smile

Like two steps to torrid tempos,
Your eyes are tempting, tantalizing,
Enchanting tastes of telltale touches,
Taking turns at a shy traveler's heart.
Languishing in subtle pantomime,
Of luxurious excess,
Paying truth to a sublime paradigm,
Beautified by a manner expressed,
By the way your presence lingers,
In the spaces small between,
Each smile should I find,
Just one a smile for me.

This is my favorite poem. It was given to me by a transient young man sitting outside of a Walgreens, who traded it for a smile.

Feb 21, 2010

Project Runway Winner: Christian Siriano

I love his collection. But I do not like him. Sad he won last season's Project Runway, but at least this collection makes up for it!

Feb 12, 2010

Dreaming in French

I know I talk about France A LOT A LOT A LOT. But honestly, really immersing myself in the thought of wandering through the streets of Paris and having a grande crème on a café patio hasn't happened in a while. I've been too busy (I know you're saying, "too busy to dream of France...you? WTF?") *sigh* Mais oui, too busy. But I was just perusing The Sartorialist and came across a photo of a (trés chic) man. Instantly, my eyes focused on the background. A fairly ordinary view of a street and scooter. No way to know it was Paris in particular. But it was Paris. It is Paris. And all of the sudden, a whoosh of Paris came flooding into my senses. I can see Paris, smell Paris, feel Paris. I got chills and butterflies -- I felt how every little girl feels about falling in love. I fell in love with Paris all over again -- and from an ordinary street view in the background of a fashion photograph. *sigh* I do fall easily, huh?

Feb 11, 2010

Clearly, Made for Me

It's all a blur

Dear Blog,

I miss you. It's been quite a busy few months. Job hunting has not been good to me (until now). I guess it only takes one to make it good, right? But out of all the interviews I had, I still feel like I could have done better. Anywho, here I am, new job, new co-workers, new desk. Finally. *sigh* Though, now, I'm quite positive that I've developed some kind of eye infection from staring at my glowing computer screen for eight hours straight, seven days a week. For the first time in years, I walked out of my house completely blind, ready to spend the day without my contacts. I brought my glasses along just in case -- sadly, the just in case turned into crap-I-can't-see-anything-without-my-contacts-and-now-I-have-to-wear-these-hideous-things-in-public. And, my eyes are still red and burning. Joy.

If I had known this morning that I was going to drop my roommate's toothbrush down the drain, then clog the drain with the broken drain cap, and that that little red thing in my eye wasn't, in fact, a bleeding cut but a piece of pink confetti, I would have worn my contacts despite the burning redness. It would have at least allowed me to see further than the length of my arm and would have opened up the possibility of seeing something beautiful. Or at least amusing. Like that homeless man who walks around where my office is with a cat on his shoulder. *sigh* again.

Since I've started here, I've been as productive as possible, taking on a plethora of projects to show my new bosses how valuable I am. But today, oh sad sad today, I have no motivation, not to mention no sight. I keep trying to read what's new in the world of lovely Garance, but can't seem to get far with my whole office up and about. At least I only have 3.5 more hours until my roomie and I get some happy hour sushi! (Best happy hour by far, let me tell you. A california roll, edamame and either beer or sake for $5...FIVE BUCKS! What I consider to be an amazing contribution to this city.)

Back to counting down the minutes...