Aug 30, 2009


Sunday? Already? What the heck have I been doing?? (not getting a job, that's for sure.) Apparently it's Day 5 and I spent a few hours in Borders huddled in a corner surrounded by stacks of GMAT prep books and how-to-find-a-job bibles. I ended up purchasing quite a thick Kaplan GMAT prep book and a cute lil hardcover called "The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl". (And yes, this is how I plan to find a job.) The GMAT book scares me a bit though...I opened it to a random page while sitting in Borders and came across the equation shown below. Now mind you, I have haven't taken a math class since first semester of senior year of high school; basically 5 years ago. I don't even know how to begin figuring this bugger out. Merde. I'm terrified...On a brighter note, tonight I'm going to see Wicked with V at the Orpheum Theatre...sooo excited! I've heard about Wicked for about 3 years now, non-stop. And of course, I'm too lazy to buy my own tickets to go see it (so thanks dear V for taking me with you!!) But it should be a blast!

Yesterday, I walked myself down to Fisherman's Wharf, where I have actually NEVER been, and sat in the sun for a bit looking out at the ocean. It was sooo hot, yet so windy and terribly crowded, so I didn't stay for long.
On my way home, I found a candy store (score!!) full of barrels of salt water taffy! I was quite overcome with joy hahah I picked up a few different pieces to give to A as a bday treat later that evening. Luckily, this candy store happened to be about a block away from "Steps", so I stopped by to greet my new found friends, and at the same time, made another new friend (another notch on my friend-o-meter)! Then after 30 min I left to Berkeley, yet again, to celebrate A's bday at a Mexican restaurant in Alameda called La Pinata. Food was soooo good btw!! And the servers were awesome when they all assembled around our table and sang a very LOUD happy birthday to A! I headed back to the city after dinner and made a quick stop at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel to say hello to a visiting friend, which turned out to be a hilarious nightcap for the evning.

So overall, my days here have been great! This week is definite find-a-job-or-else-I'm-screwed week since my friends are busy with school and work. Time to go read my newly acquired working girl bible...


  1. eww tests. I have to take the GRE...again. boo.

    WICKED IS AMAZING. and the soundtrack is too. I was completely obsessed with "defying gravity" and "popular" after I saw it.

    also, the answer to that problem is C. find out X first. make the top of the equation all have the common denominator of 81, add 'em up. and then since that is being divided by 3, you take the sum of those 3 fractions and multiply it by 1/3. and then once you find X you plug it into the equation ... and then presto! you've done it!

    sorry. I just really wanted to do that math problem. I am aware that I am a nerd.

  2. ya. that explanation hurt my head. thanks though. i figured it was something like that.

  3. You've been to fisherman's warf with me haven't you??

    Anyway- that math stuff is out of control. I don't even know what general approach to take when figuring it out... isn't there an acronym or something to know what step to do first?


  4. like 4 months when i work my way through the GMAT book I'll let you know