Aug 31, 2009

Garance for Gap!

Oooohhh Gap has decided to use Garance Doré's sketches for their 40th anniversary exhibition, and they've actually made t-shirts! I realllly want one, but unfortunately they aren't for sale anywhere :( (image borrowed from

If you could find me

This ad is sooo cute! I love Victoria Beckham (and David too...)!! The song is awesome too...I wonder who it is...

Aug 30, 2009


Sunday? Already? What the heck have I been doing?? (not getting a job, that's for sure.) Apparently it's Day 5 and I spent a few hours in Borders huddled in a corner surrounded by stacks of GMAT prep books and how-to-find-a-job bibles. I ended up purchasing quite a thick Kaplan GMAT prep book and a cute lil hardcover called "The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl". (And yes, this is how I plan to find a job.) The GMAT book scares me a bit though...I opened it to a random page while sitting in Borders and came across the equation shown below. Now mind you, I have haven't taken a math class since first semester of senior year of high school; basically 5 years ago. I don't even know how to begin figuring this bugger out. Merde. I'm terrified...On a brighter note, tonight I'm going to see Wicked with V at the Orpheum Theatre...sooo excited! I've heard about Wicked for about 3 years now, non-stop. And of course, I'm too lazy to buy my own tickets to go see it (so thanks dear V for taking me with you!!) But it should be a blast!

Yesterday, I walked myself down to Fisherman's Wharf, where I have actually NEVER been, and sat in the sun for a bit looking out at the ocean. It was sooo hot, yet so windy and terribly crowded, so I didn't stay for long.
On my way home, I found a candy store (score!!) full of barrels of salt water taffy! I was quite overcome with joy hahah I picked up a few different pieces to give to A as a bday treat later that evening. Luckily, this candy store happened to be about a block away from "Steps", so I stopped by to greet my new found friends, and at the same time, made another new friend (another notch on my friend-o-meter)! Then after 30 min I left to Berkeley, yet again, to celebrate A's bday at a Mexican restaurant in Alameda called La Pinata. Food was soooo good btw!! And the servers were awesome when they all assembled around our table and sang a very LOUD happy birthday to A! I headed back to the city after dinner and made a quick stop at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel to say hello to a visiting friend, which turned out to be a hilarious nightcap for the evning.

So overall, my days here have been great! This week is definite find-a-job-or-else-I'm-screwed week since my friends are busy with school and work. Time to go read my newly acquired working girl bible...

Aug 28, 2009

Little Italia

Ok, so the market we did not find. But we did find 2 new friends! J and I decided to explore China Town and Little Italy and ended up at The Steps of Rome. Right when we walked in, the cute Italian waiter laughed and said to me (in a thick Italian accent), "When you walk past the window, I thought you were my ex-girlfriend and I almost collapse!" So J asks, "was she pretty at least?" and he laughs again and says "ohh yes! Very very pretty!" HAHA (At least I didn't ressemble his ugly ex-gf....) We ended up sitting at the table for like 2 hours just chatting with the guys and having a jolly 'ole time. And in the end, Mr.-I-almost-collapse asked for my number so he could "show me around SF." LOL love it. But sadly, I am on a self-imposed man fast until I find a job. Because I really really need a job. So even though SF is full of beautiful European men, I've decided to avert my eyes for the time being. :::sigh:::Then again, that evening I headed to Berkeley for the first Thursday since classes started to hit up Kips. And as always, Kips was a blast! (Thanks V and R for coming tooooo)

Now, Day 3, I'm heading out on another adventure with Mack, although I'm not sure where or who we are going to see...more stories tomorrow...I hope.

Aug 27, 2009

To Market We Shall Go

Day 2:
Let's recap on Day 1's night adventures. After I came back from Berkeley, J and I decided to explore my area (in the dark and fog, mind you). We thought about getting drinks at the fancy smancy hotels up the street, but the bars were full of old business men and women. So we started walking, and came upon a tiny little market (which actually made me very happy because it means I don't have to travel far distances to buy milk). Anywho, back to the adventure. We ended up making friends with the guy who worked there, Jose, and he told us of a bar called The Cellar. It was dead when we got there. BUT the bartender made up for that. He was gorgeous! And Swedish LOL so obviously I felt right at home!
For night 1, it was a gooood night :)

For Day 2, I've decided to drag my friend to North Beach to a) explore the area and b) find the only Trader Joe's "close" enough to me. J hates me already and we're still in our pjs deciding how to get there...haha ohhh well.

Aug 26, 2009

The City

Well hello there dear blog! I realize that it's been quite some time since I actually even looked at you. Honestly, that's because I wasn't doing anything exciting worth blogging about. But I have arrived in San Francisco, or The City as the Bay folk call it, and am ready for my new life. I can feel it in my bones; it's going to be a good new life. And honestly, how can I complain when this is what I see out of my living room window every day???

Even though yesterday was technically my first day here, I spent the whole day unpacking and cleaning the apartment, so I'm just going to think of today as Day 1. And for Day 1, I've actually accomplished a few things! I successfully located a Staples, bought a wireless router for my computer, then explored a bit (with the help of my friend on the phone and Google maps) and found a Safeway. So not only do I have Internet, but I have groceries. OHHH and I applied for a job, and have drafted another cover letter. Not bad for Day 1, if I do say so myself!

Now, as I glance out across the bay, I see the fog beginning to roll in. Which is my queue to get myself down to BART and head to Berkeley for a delish Indian dinner with my friends!

Bye for now...