Aug 28, 2009

Little Italia

Ok, so the market we did not find. But we did find 2 new friends! J and I decided to explore China Town and Little Italy and ended up at The Steps of Rome. Right when we walked in, the cute Italian waiter laughed and said to me (in a thick Italian accent), "When you walk past the window, I thought you were my ex-girlfriend and I almost collapse!" So J asks, "was she pretty at least?" and he laughs again and says "ohh yes! Very very pretty!" HAHA (At least I didn't ressemble his ugly ex-gf....) We ended up sitting at the table for like 2 hours just chatting with the guys and having a jolly 'ole time. And in the end, Mr.-I-almost-collapse asked for my number so he could "show me around SF." LOL love it. But sadly, I am on a self-imposed man fast until I find a job. Because I really really need a job. So even though SF is full of beautiful European men, I've decided to avert my eyes for the time being. :::sigh:::Then again, that evening I headed to Berkeley for the first Thursday since classes started to hit up Kips. And as always, Kips was a blast! (Thanks V and R for coming tooooo)

Now, Day 3, I'm heading out on another adventure with Mack, although I'm not sure where or who we are going to see...more stories tomorrow...I hope.


  1. LOL i love you. somebody get this girl a job and quick.

  2. Man fast?????? Forget that.