Nov 25, 2011

Harvest Hell {Guest Post}

I've always wanted to do a series of guest posts written by friends and family, but I just haven't gotten around to bugging enough people to write something for me. Luckily for me, someone actually wrote something for me without too much pestering on my end! 

Below is a post written by my good friend Dustin who recently spent a few months harvesting wine in Oregon.

We are all familiar with the idiom “this is when we separate the men from the boys”. Well, the harvest season in any wine producing region across the world is truly an example of the men proving that they are men, and the boys falling to pieces.  

Nov 1, 2011

Mr. B

I'm obsessed, nay, infatuated with Anthony Bourdain. I've watched every single episode of No Reservations, read his most recent book, am reading his first book, follow him on Twitter and on Facebook, and try to get him to respond to my tweets basically everyday. Clearly, he's not having it.

That's okay, he's like the dealer to my food porn addiction and I'm still planning to hussy up every buck I have to make sure the supply never runs dry.

Alright, in reality, I like the way he thinks and expresses himself. Sometimes crude, sometimes harsh, almost always sarcastic, but frank and to the point. I appreciate honestly without all the BS. I like the fact that he can sit at a bar in Boston and take shots of whiskey with the locals, and the next week sit down to a typical, yet basic family meal in Vietnam, and have a good time either way. I like that when he's eating, he can get along with everyone (have you seen the Ted Nugent episode?) Yes, he's rough around the edges, but no one is perfect.