Apr 30, 2009

Apr 29, 2009

Pick your poison

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The box is open. I can't get enough of Pandora Radio. Today, I'm most tickled by my new station inspired by Asher Roth's "I love college". I've been listening to Kanye, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gym Class Heroes, Eminem, Outkast, Jay-Z, Shwayze and many more for the past few hours. Love it! Especially because some of this music is reminding me of the days when I used to listen to rap...awwww!! haha. And I have such a fun collection of different stations that I have one to correspond to my every mood! (and hey, let's face it. I'm a chick, I have a lot of moods some days)

Shake, Shake, Shake It Like A Polaroid Picturrrrre

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Heck ya, Andre! Polaroids are the shiznit! I miss my Polaroid camera. Such great moments captured and instantly produced into my hand ::sigh:: The slogan on the Polaroid website says “remember when you could print your photos instantly? –you still can” but they mean with a new shnazzy digital camera and a mini printer. BORING. Definitely eliminates the thrill of the instant photo. And Polaroid film was just such a style! You were cool if you had pics of you and your friends on nifty white framed instant film. My freshman dorm was covered in Polaroids! We would get a big black marker and write captions on the thick white strip on the bottom, then tape them to my wall. Someone also taught me this trick to take a pic, develop it, then tear the top layer off and press the image on a piece of paper, et voila, instant print on paper! Today’s digital version of Polaroid just isn’t as much fun-isn’t authentic, and doesn’t have that aura of the past. It's too manipulated today. Point and shoot becomes point, shoot, check out, redo, red eye, crop, resize, touch up, airbrush. Sometimes the best moments can't be redone. RIP dear Polaroid!

After Thought: My friend just showed me this link http://poladroid.net. You can upload and print pics in the Polaroid format (with the white frame around the pic!)

Repost::: Sartorialist Love

(Image taken from The Sartorialist)

LOVVVE the dress
(minus the heels that remind me of strippers and the cig)

Apr 23, 2009

These Are My Confessions

Hey Guys!
So that survey that I posted a few days ago was just part one of my school project. Part two is what we are calling "my confessions" (Usher makes for good background music in our video). We are looking for anyone who has tried and liked/disliked online dating to make a video confession (can be anonymous, and is confidential) or another genre of confession and send it to us for our project. We really appreciate your help! Please watch the video for the complete info on what we are doing! Anyone and everyone who has tried online dating is welcome!

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Ya ya, I can already see a few eyes rolling. But hold the judgements for one teeny minute.

As we all know, Brit has had a bit of trouble in her personal life in the last year (think: two babies, a crazy hubby, drugs, head shaving, attacking cars with umbrellas, dating the paparazzi...), but despite these slight set backs, the girl's still got it. She rocked the stage last night at the Oakland Oracle Arena, performing to a full house! (Proof enough that's she's still got it!!) To begin with, the set was amazing! The visuals were stunning, not to mention the great sparkly costumes that you definitely couldn't miss even from the nose bleed section! As promised, the event was a true circus (with a touch of sexy and naughty, and minus the creepy clowns). And as the show progressed, she alternated between different motives that all fell under the Circus theme (my fave being the Arabian Nights to which she shimmied to "Me Against the Music" and later sang "Everytime" sitting on a huge floating umbrella).

My favorite aspect was that she performed her old stuff. I mean, com'on, that's my childhood right there in a 2 minute pop song! It was simply fabulous. And she had some really cool circus folk to help her out in the down time (I heard she actually recruited them from real circuses!)

Although, I couldn't help but sense that something was missing: the singing. Lip syncing all the way baby. And no monitors showing close-ups of her face because, well, she wasn't singing...or really even lip syncing! Oh well, we can't really say she was known for her singing anyway. Ohh, and the most important part? The dancing. She did her best to twist and shake all around the stage, but it was clear that dancing is a thing of the past. What a tragedy because she was such a great dancer!

Brit has been a staple since 6th grade! I'm not ready to see her fade into the background. But in the end, even though Brit is getting old and worn, she put on a good show (I mean, com'on, you can't tell me you didn't sing and dance through the entire thing). She is undoubtedly the Legendary Britney Spears. Brit is back and there is no denying it.

But back for how long??

Ps. I give her extra props for the body. She most definitely doesn't look like a druggie with two babies!

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(blame the bad quality on my sad little phone LOL)

Apr 19, 2009

All in a Day's Work: High Art to Pop Culture

Two papers to write. Two different courses. Two very different topics.

Manet vs. Monet, the transition from Realism into Impressionism.

(Monet, Water Lilies (The Clouds, 1903)

(Manet, Luncheon on the Grass, 1863)

From high art to low: Angie's Lara Croft. An example of Mulvey's male castration complex.

Apr 18, 2009

Dear Stephanie,

I love you and that you read someone else's blog thinking it was mine. And then proceeded to get mad and hurt because I never told you about all of what "I" wrote. hahaha Silly girl :)

Come home soon!! We need to go to Santa Monica and Venice!!

Apr 17, 2009

Don't Know Why

As I sit at my kitchen table surrounded by my sheets that I've hung to dry and icing a huge bruise on my lip that I received as a party foul last night, I can't help but to think about my future. I'm about to graduate, and I have no idea what I'm going to do afterwards. I had this grand plan to move back to France and live an exciting Parisian life. Out of all my friends, I'm the one who didn't apply to a teach-English-in-France program. Merde. As Robert Burns wrote, "the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray." So basically, make sure to have a plan B. This is why I don't make plans and get my hopes up about them because something always goes awry. But I will find my way back to France even if I have to take the zig-zaggy road instead of the straight one.

Apr 15, 2009

Survey Time!

Hey guys,

I'm taking a social media and virtual communities course here at UC Berkeley and my group and I are researching online dating methods and incentives for doing so. Please help us out by taking our survey! It should only take 5 minutes, it's anonymous, and we would really appreciate your support!

Thanks so much! Just click on the link below and start filling it out. Make sure to hit "submit" at the end when you are done. Merci Beaucoup!!

Link to survey

Apr 14, 2009

I love the 90s

Woah! I just came across this 7-Up commercial while looking for video clips that illustrate Mulvey's 'The Male Gaze'. Random, I know. But basically, I used to love this ad. That "sexy kinda" at the end has stuck with me since I first saw it, and it's been about 7 or 8 years now...ya, I'm kinda a dork, but to this day, this commercial makes me laugh! Just felt like sharing some good humor :)

Apr 12, 2009

The Bunny Brunch

I love food (obviously) and La Note's Easter brunch was divine. Even though the wait for a table was an excruciating 45 minutes, the food was well worth it! Yumm

On that note, I miss doing Sunday brunches with a group of friends. They are such a relaxing way to start a Sunday. Especially when later that Sunday you have to worry about the up-coming week. It's wonderful to be able to spend the afternoon in a no-stress environment. With this beautiful weather, we should do Sunday pique-niques (à la française) and park days.

Spring Cleaning

(Image from Vogue.com)

Time to hide away all those winter clothes and pull out the fun spring ware! Spring has finally arrived, and it is magnifique! I cannot wait to spend the days at the park out in the sun!

Apr 11, 2009

Forever Twenty-One

How lovely would that be?? I would love to forever be twenty one, but alas, we all must grow older. It's only natural to age (and this coming from a 21 year old whose birthday is months away!) Even though it's been a rough few months, this year has been my favorite, and I will be most sad to see it go when the time does arrive ::sigh::

On a happier note, Forever 21 (the awesomely-cheap-and-sometimes-tacky chain store, that is) is fabulous! Another $40 dollars gloriously wasted today on clothes and accessories. The good thing is that in a few months, I'll be tired of these newly purchased items and will want to waste another $40 on a different skirt, shirt and shoes! Ah, the brilliance of cheap clothing!!

Ps. FINALLY got my long pearl necklace!!!

Look at that bag...

(Image taken from Garance Doré)

...but those shoes are sooo much better!!!
Who said dress up had to end at age 5???

French Connexion

Ma nouvelle robe :)

Apr 8, 2009

Oh, Yes!

(Image taken from The Sartorialist)


And right The Sartorialist is. Americans never look this good in jeans and jacket, but this guy sure does! Now, how do we get some of the guys around here to dress like this?

(Image taken from The Sartorialist)

And once we get the boys to dress like that, do I get to dress like this???

Apr 2, 2009

Pearls of Success

I'm sitting here trying to write about collective action for my class, and all I can think of is why I don't own a long string of pearls. I adore that classic-black-with-pearls look, and yet, my jewelry box lacks their presence. It's just such a chic and sophisticated accessory! And who wouldn't want to be like Madame Chanel with strands of pearls draped around her neck every day?