Apr 11, 2009

Forever Twenty-One

How lovely would that be?? I would love to forever be twenty one, but alas, we all must grow older. It's only natural to age (and this coming from a 21 year old whose birthday is months away!) Even though it's been a rough few months, this year has been my favorite, and I will be most sad to see it go when the time does arrive ::sigh::

On a happier note, Forever 21 (the awesomely-cheap-and-sometimes-tacky chain store, that is) is fabulous! Another $40 dollars gloriously wasted today on clothes and accessories. The good thing is that in a few months, I'll be tired of these newly purchased items and will want to waste another $40 on a different skirt, shirt and shoes! Ah, the brilliance of cheap clothing!!

Ps. FINALLY got my long pearl necklace!!!

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