Sep 27, 2009

On the Menu

Osha Thai Restaurant in SF has a LADY GAGA drink special! Raspberry vodka, lemon and chambord in a sugar rimmed glass!! Totally befitting for GAGA, and seriously delicious too!!

Oh Chanel!

So on further investigation into this new Chanel bag line, I've discovered that Lily Allen is the face of it. When I think Chanel, I do not think Lily Allen (I mean, there is nothing wrong with her, I like her music, in fact!). But I just don't see her as representing Chanel. Someone like Natalie Portman would indeed be fit (see G's blog on that subject).

Anywho, guess it's done already, so there's not much use blabbing about it. Now this little fella below is my fave! I would love to acquire such an adorable little wristlet!

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Basically the first few seconds are what I love about this video...This bag is fabulous because it's 2-in-1!!!

Sep 26, 2009

LOVE::::Coco Cocoon::::

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[photo taken from]

The more and more I hear and see Chanel, the more I want want want it all! I think I'm becoming completely obsessed...and then they bring out this lovely collection. Man oh man! I need a job ASAP so that I can actually make this obsession a reality...sigh. But for now, I'm happy dreaming....

Sep 25, 2009

How Foul

I was searching through my aunt's cupboard's today and came across some Irish oatmeal. I thought it would be fun to try and make it, and, I kind of like oatmeal. But this is what it turned out to be...How foul is that? (Thanks G for my new fave word: FOUL)
I'm a tad bit terrified to try it...

Sep 16, 2009

A night on the town

Boots of German beer,
followed by un bar a vin,
and some girl scout cookie cocktails,
and to top it off, a little dancing.

Sep 8, 2009

Days Go By

Today was my first day interning at this PR firm downtown. Everything went smoothly, and my bosses are pretty cool. Although, I did forget what it's like to sit in front of a computer for hours on end (and of course, here I am again), and my eyes are burning. Not to mention that I was so anxious for my first day that I barely slept last night (and won't much tonight because I have to be up the crack of dawn for work tomorrow). Tant pis.

But at least yesterday was good! I got to ride a motorcycle for the first time (how did I live in Europe and have never been on a motorcycle/scooter???) Basically, I love motorcycles. I don't think I'd like to own one, but borrowing one is a whole other story LOL.
Another first for me yesterday was oysters...errr, well, oyster. Not my fave. That most likely will be the first and last time I ever eat an oyster...But I did get to have sushi. yummmmm! I haven't had sushi in weeks! And I get to say that I tried 2 new things yesterday!! woohoo!

The day before yesterday (yesterday being labor day Monday), I went on an adventure with Mack and Raj (finnnnalllyyyy got to see her) to the Full House house(s). I feel like if I could remember watching Full House as a kid, it would have been plus excitante, but it was fun nonetheless.
I guess it was Friday evening (sorry to go back in time here), I watched this lovely procession outside my window. It caught my special attention because they blocked my whole street and the cars behind them were making an awful racket! All in all, the last few days have been good.

Sep 1, 2009


I took this from my apartment window before I left to the theatre.
Wicked was sooooo good! It took like 3 years for me to actually go and see it, but thank god I did! My favorite part was that V and I both noticed how cute the orchestra conductor was and both couldn't wait to Google him when we got home! hahaha