Sep 27, 2009

Oh Chanel!

So on further investigation into this new Chanel bag line, I've discovered that Lily Allen is the face of it. When I think Chanel, I do not think Lily Allen (I mean, there is nothing wrong with her, I like her music, in fact!). But I just don't see her as representing Chanel. Someone like Natalie Portman would indeed be fit (see G's blog on that subject).

Anywho, guess it's done already, so there's not much use blabbing about it. Now this little fella below is my fave! I would love to acquire such an adorable little wristlet!

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Basically the first few seconds are what I love about this video...This bag is fabulous because it's 2-in-1!!!


  1. Ahhh! I want that pink Chanel umbrella SO SO bad.

    Yeah, I'm a huge Lily fan but I was kind of shocked to see her as the new face of Chanel...I read that she is Karl's new

  2. really?? hmmm i don't know how i feel about that....

  3. omgggg the 2-in-1 bag is SO COOL. want itttt!