Jun 20, 2011

On: The Hunt for the Perfect Job

I began traveling at a very early age, and by the time I was three years old, I had visited big parts of Europe and Asia. I would get such a rush when my family and I arrived at the airport because I knew it was the start of a fun new adventure. Airplanes have always been comforting to me…in fact, the moment the plane breaks through the clouds I feel safe, suspended in the sunny, clear air high above the world (perhaps that's why I couldn't wait to jump out of a plane).

I remember this one day in middle school when a friend of mine had mentioned she was applying for a passport. I was  completely knocked off my feet - what did she mean she didn't have a passport? Wait a second, you weren't born with a passport? Little Cat had had a passport since she was born, and didn't realize that it wasn't an automatic right once you came into this world.

Via Startbackpacking.com
It still baffles me that there isn't some free program for children of a specific age to experience the world. Traveling has been a huge part of my education and I can't imagine who I would be right now if I hadn't of had the chance to learn about other cultures and see the world throughout my life.

Nowadays, I do my best to explore as much as I can, but being on my own budget doesn't readily allow for much travel. Three years ago I convinced my university to send me to France for a year, one year ago I worked my butt off to save up to go to Australia and this year, thanks to my dad, I'm going to Sweden. 

This is why I don't think I'll be happy with any ole' job here in SF. After about a year, I'll get antsy again, and I'll want to be in the exact place I am now. So instead of wasting another year doing something that doesn't make me happy, I'm on the hunt for the perfect job - one that allows me to eat, breathe, sleep travel. 

Wish me luck. Here goes nothing!



  1. airplanes comfort me too!

    I started traveling at 5 years old! (to france!) :)

  2. It's always strange to me when someone says they're scared of flying! It's so calm and pretty up in the air!