Jun 23, 2010

Around the World

Some of my most favorite images from my travels around the world. Can you guess where I was when I took each one?


  1. although I can't guess them all :/ tell me tomorrow?

  2. should I guess the ones I know/think I know? or not give it away here ;)

  3. 1. japan?
    2. NY?
    3. brooklyn bridge, NY
    4. washington monument, DC
    5. lyon
    6. lyon?
    7. ?? somewhere in europe?...hahaha
    8. lyon
    9. morocco?
    10. paris!
    11. lyon?
    12. (I feel like I should know this one... it looks like berkeley's redwoods in their botanical garden.)
    13. NY! view of brooklyn and manhattan bridge !
    14. DC (lincoln memorial in background?)
    15. SFFFF :)
    16. lyon?
    17 & 18 .... not sure? lyon? maybe sweden..only cause I haven't guessed that yet...

  4. oh yeah, and why no more french title?

  5. 6. Nope, not Lyon, but somewhere in Europe
    7. Nope, not Europe - a little lower
    8. You got Morocco switched around with another one. This is Europe!
    10. Yeyyy you got the Paris one! lol How the heck did you know that?
    12. Close - not Berkeley but norcal fersure
    17/18. Good job - Sweden :)

  6. is 6 or 7 portugal?

    ahhh the shoes made me think morocco.

    paris... the bottom of the eiffel tower!

    hmmm santa cruz?

  7. wait... I said 8 was lyon.... was 9 not morocco? the one with the shoes?

  8. ya sorry the shoes are morocco, but there's another morocco in there too. The one before the shoes is lisbon, before that is morocco and before that is madrid.

  9. I like the updated blog!

    p.s. I've totally been in a flash mob (sproul plaza!) and rode an elephant (I was 9 at marine world!

    I need to visit more continents!

    also, those are my three favorite ethnicities of food too!!

  10. ohhh hey and I got a professional photo done of me... also when I was 9. hahaha man a lot of things happened when I was a child