May 22, 2011

One Small Leap

"Once everyone else is gone, scoot all the way down the bench towards the rear of the plane, sit on the floor, and swing your legs outside the door. Oh, and don't look down."

And thus I get to cross the first thing off of my list since I wrote it: skydiving.

Yes, I jumped out of an airplane and free-fell for a full 60 seconds -- and I got the important job of pulling the 'chute! The first 5 seconds of free-fall kind of gets you right in the stomach -- like going down a really steep roller coaster your stomach just lurches up into your throat. Luckily, that feeling is fleeting, and you're left with a gush of wind and absolutely no fear that you're falling face first towards the ground really really fast.

Once the parachute has deployed, you're literally floating in the air. And that feeling, that weightless, I-can-fly feeling, is one of the greatest I've experienced...and I can't get enough of it. Every time I think about it, I feel like a drug fiend yearning for more.

You know that point where your airplane has taken off, cleared all the clouds, and the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the white clouds look like fluffy cotton balls beneath you? That's my favorite "place" to be -- where I feel so completely calm and relaxed, like nothing bad could ever happen. And that's how I felt floating through the air -- calm, relaxed and warm. No fear.

This weekend has been all about doing new things. Being able to take that leap (literally) has made me feel like I can do anything. Jumping out of that airplane just popped this huge bubble of worry and concern, and has given me a huge positive boost. It feels like the first step towards a transition; a big change. And I'm welcoming it with open arms. It's about time I dig my way up out of this "life limbo" and get to living my life!

On a lesser, but still exciting note, I had brunch at The Tipsy Pig for the first time today with V. Brunch used to be about hanging out with my girls and having girltime. But lately, brunch has been scarce, and my girls have been scarcer. So it was great to have a few hours to brunch-it-up in the Marina with one of my best friends.

A Spicy Mary and a Strawberry Fields at Tipsy Pig
(Too bad we didn't see any Giants players hanging around Tipsy Pig this time...)

I hope you all had a happy weekend!


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