May 31, 2011

An Un-Memorial Weekend

I've been trying to update this blog every week since I started it back up about a month ago, but this weekend caught me off guard. I was doing so well; it had been months since I last got sick. And this weekend I just got knocked down. Almost an entire long weekend wasted...grrr!

At least it started off well. B came down from Sacramento again this weekend to celebrate Roomie Ryan's (aka IllestRated) graduation at Sugar Cafe. The roommates and I had been waiting to meet the parents for a while now, and we finally got to meet them that evening. They were super sweet and so proud of him! His dad even stuck around a while later to hang out with us!

Ah, then Saturday came around. Saturday had such great potential. We had planned to go to Santa Cruz for the day, but our excitement was somewhat sullied when B got a speeding ticket halfway there. The cop was nice enough to warn us that there was a huge crash ahead, and gave us an alternate route. But I'm pretty sure B would have taken the traffic to the ticket.

"I'd be happy to sign that ticket, Officer" - B

It wasn't too bad once we got to Santa Cruz. We got to hang out at quality places like a very windy beach where we were covered in sand, a smelly beach cove full of dead seaweed and dogs, a bar full of smokers and a Mexican restaurant with horrible service...ya, it was just one of those days. Did I mention that it started raining too? Cattywompus! (Aussie slang for wow-what-a-shit-show.)

Although, between these small disasters, there were definitely some really fun and interesting getting to draw on this chalk board car!

Awesome chalk car we got to doodle on.
And we also took advantage of the free crayons and children's menus to document our day in neon crayon. Can you figure out what else we got up to that day?

The events of our day. In crayon.

The rest of my weekend ended with me huddled in bed/couch, blowing my nose and taking shots of Nyquil so I could get some undisturbed rest. Roomie Mike was sweet enough to make me a (what I assume was delicious since I couldn't breathe or taste much) Memorial Day bbq meal. That did help to make Monday bearable, so thanks Roomie Mike!

Roasted corn, baked potato and steak with sauteed mushrooms.

 So, how was your weekend? Better than mine I hope!


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