Apr 23, 2009

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Ya ya, I can already see a few eyes rolling. But hold the judgements for one teeny minute.

As we all know, Brit has had a bit of trouble in her personal life in the last year (think: two babies, a crazy hubby, drugs, head shaving, attacking cars with umbrellas, dating the paparazzi...), but despite these slight set backs, the girl's still got it. She rocked the stage last night at the Oakland Oracle Arena, performing to a full house! (Proof enough that's she's still got it!!) To begin with, the set was amazing! The visuals were stunning, not to mention the great sparkly costumes that you definitely couldn't miss even from the nose bleed section! As promised, the event was a true circus (with a touch of sexy and naughty, and minus the creepy clowns). And as the show progressed, she alternated between different motives that all fell under the Circus theme (my fave being the Arabian Nights to which she shimmied to "Me Against the Music" and later sang "Everytime" sitting on a huge floating umbrella).

My favorite aspect was that she performed her old stuff. I mean, com'on, that's my childhood right there in a 2 minute pop song! It was simply fabulous. And she had some really cool circus folk to help her out in the down time (I heard she actually recruited them from real circuses!)

Although, I couldn't help but sense that something was missing: the singing. Lip syncing all the way baby. And no monitors showing close-ups of her face because, well, she wasn't singing...or really even lip syncing! Oh well, we can't really say she was known for her singing anyway. Ohh, and the most important part? The dancing. She did her best to twist and shake all around the stage, but it was clear that dancing is a thing of the past. What a tragedy because she was such a great dancer!

Brit has been a staple since 6th grade! I'm not ready to see her fade into the background. But in the end, even though Brit is getting old and worn, she put on a good show (I mean, com'on, you can't tell me you didn't sing and dance through the entire thing). She is undoubtedly the Legendary Britney Spears. Brit is back and there is no denying it.

But back for how long??

Ps. I give her extra props for the body. She most definitely doesn't look like a druggie with two babies!

(All images courtesy of Photobucket.com)

(blame the bad quality on my sad little phone LOL)


  1. JUST LIKE A CIRCUS... HAHAHA ... wait what were the words again?

  2. oh britney... how could you not love her? even if she can't sing and dance at the same time.