Apr 29, 2009

Shake, Shake, Shake It Like A Polaroid Picturrrrre

(all images courtesy of photobucket.com)

Heck ya, Andre! Polaroids are the shiznit! I miss my Polaroid camera. Such great moments captured and instantly produced into my hand ::sigh:: The slogan on the Polaroid website says “remember when you could print your photos instantly? –you still can” but they mean with a new shnazzy digital camera and a mini printer. BORING. Definitely eliminates the thrill of the instant photo. And Polaroid film was just such a style! You were cool if you had pics of you and your friends on nifty white framed instant film. My freshman dorm was covered in Polaroids! We would get a big black marker and write captions on the thick white strip on the bottom, then tape them to my wall. Someone also taught me this trick to take a pic, develop it, then tear the top layer off and press the image on a piece of paper, et voila, instant print on paper! Today’s digital version of Polaroid just isn’t as much fun-isn’t authentic, and doesn’t have that aura of the past. It's too manipulated today. Point and shoot becomes point, shoot, check out, redo, red eye, crop, resize, touch up, airbrush. Sometimes the best moments can't be redone. RIP dear Polaroid!

After Thought: My friend just showed me this link http://poladroid.net. You can upload and print pics in the Polaroid format (with the white frame around the pic!)

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  1. omg. I have my polaroid camera here in berkeley...and I think I probably have film for it still! sf photos?