Aug 27, 2009

To Market We Shall Go

Day 2:
Let's recap on Day 1's night adventures. After I came back from Berkeley, J and I decided to explore my area (in the dark and fog, mind you). We thought about getting drinks at the fancy smancy hotels up the street, but the bars were full of old business men and women. So we started walking, and came upon a tiny little market (which actually made me very happy because it means I don't have to travel far distances to buy milk). Anywho, back to the adventure. We ended up making friends with the guy who worked there, Jose, and he told us of a bar called The Cellar. It was dead when we got there. BUT the bartender made up for that. He was gorgeous! And Swedish LOL so obviously I felt right at home!
For night 1, it was a gooood night :)

For Day 2, I've decided to drag my friend to North Beach to a) explore the area and b) find the only Trader Joe's "close" enough to me. J hates me already and we're still in our pjs deciding how to get there...haha ohhh well.

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  1. ohhh I know the cellar!! I don't remember how I know it, but I do! sweeeet