Aug 26, 2009

The City

Well hello there dear blog! I realize that it's been quite some time since I actually even looked at you. Honestly, that's because I wasn't doing anything exciting worth blogging about. But I have arrived in San Francisco, or The City as the Bay folk call it, and am ready for my new life. I can feel it in my bones; it's going to be a good new life. And honestly, how can I complain when this is what I see out of my living room window every day???

Even though yesterday was technically my first day here, I spent the whole day unpacking and cleaning the apartment, so I'm just going to think of today as Day 1. And for Day 1, I've actually accomplished a few things! I successfully located a Staples, bought a wireless router for my computer, then explored a bit (with the help of my friend on the phone and Google maps) and found a Safeway. So not only do I have Internet, but I have groceries. OHHH and I applied for a job, and have drafted another cover letter. Not bad for Day 1, if I do say so myself!

Now, as I glance out across the bay, I see the fog beginning to roll in. Which is my queue to get myself down to BART and head to Berkeley for a delish Indian dinner with my friends!

Bye for now...

1 comment:

  1. jealoussss of the view! (and my mom would be too cause she has to walk outside her house to see coit tower)

    & ohhh what the job that you applied for??