Feb 12, 2010

Dreaming in French

I know I talk about France A LOT A LOT A LOT. But honestly, really immersing myself in the thought of wandering through the streets of Paris and having a grande crème on a café patio hasn't happened in a while. I've been too busy (I know you're saying, "too busy to dream of France...you? WTF?") *sigh* Mais oui, too busy. But I was just perusing The Sartorialist and came across a photo of a (trés chic) man. Instantly, my eyes focused on the background. A fairly ordinary view of a street and scooter. No way to know it was Paris in particular. But it was Paris. It is Paris. And all of the sudden, a whoosh of Paris came flooding into my senses. I can see Paris, smell Paris, feel Paris. I got chills and butterflies -- I felt how every little girl feels about falling in love. I fell in love with Paris all over again -- and from an ordinary street view in the background of a fashion photograph. *sigh* I do fall easily, huh?


  1. ahhh paris :) that photo so IS paris.

    speaking of paris, I was reminded last night of eating this wonderful hotdog with french fries inside the bun in the latin quarter...I swear it tastes better than it sounds. but godd, was my mouth watering! haha

  2. Hmm, doesn't sound like my taste, but I'm sure it was good :)

  3. Letting go and falling hard is what it's all about, babe!
    And, that just shows how extraordinary Paris is. Your description gave me chills and butterflies <3