Oct 5, 2011

Wednesday: Where In The World Am I?

I'm going to try doing a weekly travel photo feature called Where In The World Am I?. It's just for fun, but I think it's a great way to share some of my travel photos with anyone reading my blog. So enjoy it with me by playing along and guessing where the photo was taken.

Let's start off with an easy one. But as they get harder, I'll post more hints and maybe even tweet a few throughout the day.

Here goes...

Hint: I live in this city. This is one of the bridges that connects to it. What bridge am I on?

Inspired by Jeremy at Budget Travel Adventures.


 Update: Good guesses, guys! Yep, that's the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. Thanks for playing :)


  1. Yup that's the bay bridge baby.

  2. Cat, thanks so much for playing along this week and guessing correctly! Indeed this is Lisbon's sister city in America, San Francisco, and you are on the Bay Bridge! :)