Mar 30, 2009

I'm on a B...US motherf*cker!

Ok, so we didn't make it onto a boat for a T-Pain-esque ride, but we did get to take a 4 hour New York to DC bus ride! Mucho exciting. I passed out 10 minutes into it. LOL. Although, I did wake up to the small pizza we had gotten from Grimaldi's the night before. Cold pizza. Yumm. Extremely satisfying. Especially on a hot dry boring ole' bus ride.

Fast forward two hours and we are walking up the stone steps to my bff's Georgetown row house. Thank God she has a kitchen...we were running pretty low on money. So we make a little trip to Trader Joe's and pick up some delicious food to cook at home. (yes, we did indeed cook!)

The day after we get there, we wander through Gtown only to find... (dum dum dum): a Pain Quotidien!! Ahhh a cup of French roast helps to brighten our spirits, and off we head to the National Mall for some touristy attractions and beautiful cherry blossoms. Later that night, we head to The Tomes to celebrate another friend's birthday -- and what a crazy night we get ourselves into! This boy is a nut -- a lovable crazy nut. He and his party crew lead us to the Thirds where we dance the night away. Gooood times!


  1. I'm so happy you had fun here! Post some more pictures!