Mar 30, 2009

Drinks All Around!

Playing follow-the-leader with out friend's older brother and NY tour guide, we walk up to a random set of wooden doors in the middle of nowhere with two huge bald men in black leather coats out front. What kind of sketchy situation did we just get ourselves into?
A few blank stares.
-"IDs ladies"
ummmm....ok? We hand one of the bald men our IDs and the wooden door proceeds to open leading down into a dark, but lively bar with leather booths. Ah hah! A bar, apparently. The East Side Co. bar which used to be a speakeasy back in the day of Prohibition. Now the sketchy scene outside makes a little more sense. We are lead into the back of the long narrow lounge area to an open room with knee-high tables and alcoves set in the walls. The dj spins some perfectly picked out jazz tunes while the candles on the tables flicker. A few good (but expensive) drinks later, we emerge from our dark cave to venture on to a club called Fat Baby. A 15 minute wait in the cold gains us entry into a very crowded room with a huge chandelier hanging from its fuschia walls. For some reason, tonight is definitely not the night for this sardine packed love fest. And we are definitely not drunk enough for all the people grinding up against each other. Having been in a relaxed lounge atmosphere, all the pushing, dancing and sweating was too intense. By now, we had made our way down to the lower East side, and a taxi back to the upper West hurts our wallets pretty badly. Oh one said NY was cheap.

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