Mar 30, 2009

Food, Fashion, Happy Hour and Cute Frenchies....(pt2)

Serendipity: the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely (thanks Wikipedia).

OR a delicious and extravagent dessert venue. Kitschy and covered in pink and pearls, Serendipity offers large glass bowls of sugary delights. Known for their Frozen Hot Chocolate (ya, I questioned it too--think a dark chocolate ice blended--or for those Starbucks fans, a Frappucino), yet house an extensive menu of other chocolate treats. A few people around us had these huge sundaes with vanilla ice cream, a big piece of chocolate cake, fudge and whipped cream. How any one person can eat one of those babies all alone, major props would be in order. And perhaps a roll of Tums. Though, to share among friends --yummy in the tummy (as my mom used to say)!

Last on our gluttonous, yet extremely satisfying quest for food is Grimaldi's Pizzeria. I would have to say it was the best pizza I've had in a LONG time. Located right under the Brooklyn Bridge, at 9pm on a Monday night, tables were completely full. And rightfully so! Fresh mozzarella and tomatos on a doughy, think crust made for a delish pizza. Which was well worth it too. I was told it was the best pizza I'd ever sink my teeth into and was coerced into making the half an hour trek across the Brooklyn Bridge in 36 degree weather and wind chill -- well, it felt more like Siberia at that particular moment. The worst part? It wasn't supposed to be near freezing in NY that weekend so I only had a thin Spring coat. Luckily I had a scarf. Luckily. By the time we walked through the glass liquor storesque door to Grimaldi's, our appendages were icy and frozen, red and in pain. But after a large pizza and an extra small pizza to-go (for our bus ride to DC the next day), we hailed a cab to head back to the hotel, completely having forgotten the immense pain we went through in the first place. Sheesh.

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