Mar 29, 2009

Food, Fashion, Happy Hour and Cute Frenchies....(pt1)

...what else is Spring Break for??

Let's start with the food...mmmmmmm, just thinking about it makes my stomach growl! For French baguettes and hazelnut spread (possibly better than Nutella...gasp!) that will make your mouth water and make you feel like you could possibly be sitting right under the Eiffel Tower, head to Le Pain Quotidien located throughout NY. And to top it off, make sure to order a café au lait served in a bowl. Trop bon!

Next on my list is Havanna Central located right by Columbia Law. It has a great atmosphere, with a live band and laid back college students looking for some fun. We had their delicious beef stew with yellow rice and black beans. Service was pretty good, and we even received several 2-for-1 mojito tickets. Unfortunately, we never made it back for those mojitos...c'est dommage. But there is always next time!

A few days after Havanna Central, we were out for a stroll when we stumbled upon an Italian restaurant (the name escapes me) with brunch and unlimited mimosas. What a fabulous idea! And a hot authentic Italian waiter? What more could we have asked for at that moment?? About a pitcher of mimosas and a delish omelette later, we are dancing through Central Park looking for our next adventure. A couple of minutes later, some friends meet up with us at the Guggenheim and we do our best to put on a no-we-didn't-just-drink-a-pitcher-of-alc-before-3pm act. I think we pulled it off well. Well...I hope so at least!

Once our drunken stupor wore off, we found our way to our 8.30pm dinner reservation at Les Enfants Terribles. A French-African restaurant with low mood lighting, decorative African art on the walls, and an all French wait staff. Oooh la la! The crowd felt like a bunch of regulars who just so happen to be beautiful and foreign, and who come around to chat and drink wine into the early hours of the morning. Oh, and let's not forget the food...mmmmmmmm chicken tajine with couscous and safron chicken broth. Absolutely amazing! Tasted exactly like the real stuff I had in the markets of Marrakech! Et le dessert? A dark chocolate mousse with champagne soaked raspberries and a flute of Cava. Basically, Heaven on Earth! Now this is my kind of place...just so lively and international with delicious food and drinks (and on a Sunday night too!)

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