Mar 29, 2009

Put your hands up for Detroit!!

Ida Corr at Pacha NY (sorry for the amateur video. I got wayy too caught up in the music to be able to stay still in order to film...)

Ida Corr and DJ Fedde Le Grand at Pacha...sooooo good! The club was packed. Upstairs housed old school R&B and Hip-Hop, while downstairs was an all out Euro Techno/House dance party. Tons of hot European men ;)


The man of the night...the "Brad Pitt of DJs" according to some drunkie next to me at the club. Rrrrrrrrrr
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  1. first, i think i might vomit. (shaky hands?)

    second, he really IS the brad pitt of djs... he's HOT.

  2. i wasn't shaky, i was jumping up and down loollll