Jun 6, 2009

Life, The Remix

Have you ever started singing along to a song on the radio only to realize that it's not the song you were thinking of, but off by just a few beats?

That's because it's all been done before. We basically live in a culture of remake. Movie plots are predictable, fashion fads come back into style, and even old tunes are remixed to make new hits. We've all heard Rihanna's rendition of Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Starting Something", or T.I. and Rihanna singing the chorus from the Numa Numa song (original version by O-Zone), and most recently, Flo Rida's use of the 90s hit song "Blue" (Eiffel 65). No wonder we recognize all the hits on the radio! They are all old beats, just presented in new ways! Talk about easy-listening...we don't even have to think about what we are hearing since, subconsciously, we know it all already.

Have we lost a sense of authenticity and originality, or are these new products to be considered "real and authentic" in themselves?


  1. hmm intrigue... I guess there is a part of all of us that doesn't like change...or maybe we're just stuck, conforming to society or that we can't seem to think up completely new ideas because in some way they have all been done (or parts of them at least)?

  2. um... are we quoting baudrillard here?