Sep 15, 2011

Around The World in 5 Stops

A friend of mine asked me the other day: "If someone gave you an around-the-world ticket and you were allowed five stops, what would be your destinations?"

That's a hard question to answer since there are so many places I'd like to visit, especially places that are off the beaten path like the Azores. But I narrowed it down to 5 countries - well, more like 5 regions of the planet - that I'd like to visit:

  1. Cuba - Central America  
  2. Argentina- South America 
  3. South Africa  
  4. India - South East Asia 
  5. Vietnam- Asia
As I thought of the question again, I realized that I would get 5 stops on an airplane, but that doesn't mean I have to arrive and depart from the same city or even country that I landed in. 

For example, I could use the first leg of my journey to stop in Vietnam, and then travel by land to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand. The second leg would leave from Thailand and land in India - where I could either stay in the south and explore Sri Lanka, or go to the north and check out Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. From there, I could fly to South Africa and explore as much of Africa as I could. The fourth leg of the trip, I'd leave from Africa to Argentina, where I could travel over to Brazil or Chile. After that, I would fly up to Cuba, or Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala.

Where would you go if you got a 5-stop ticket around the world?


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