Aug 10, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday was a few days ago, and this year I wanted to celebrate by doing something low key. I started the day by taking a long walk with my aunt down to the water near Fisherman's Wharf, through Fort Mason and to the Marina. We decided to have lunch at this cute little place called Rose's Cafe where I had some amazing lemonade: sparkling lavender lemonade with a piece of mint (if you don't like sour, you might want to add some sugar)....mmm so good, I'm craving it right now!

On our way back to Nob Hill, we passed through Polk St. and stopped for some birthday froyo at Loving Cup. They are known for their creative way of mixing their froyo flavors and for their realllly delicious rice pudding. 

I decided to get a blend of mango and peach flavored froyo, which was not too sweet and not too sour.

When I got home, this sweet surprise was patiently awaiting me. My roommates had made me cupcakes, a Nutella cake, bought me flowers and a bottle of wine!

My roommate Ryan even cooked me dinner. I had such a good time just hanging out and relaxing with my friends - there was definitely no need for a big shindig this year.

After dinner, we went to visit my other roommate who bartends occasionally at Sugar Cafe, where I was treated to a delicious birthday chocolate raspberry martini!

The following night, my roommate Mike and I went to the Giants Dead Head night. We started off by having dinner and watermelon beers at 21st Amendment, before heading to the game, where the Giants won 6-0!

It was definitely a good birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday love and made my birthday a great one!


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  1. awww yay!! :)

    my mom loves rose's cafe!

    I really want some frozen yogurt.